Chyma Software Features

Learn about the features and benefits that set Chyma apart.


The Chyma Dashboard displays your “Shifts” and “Shift Alerts”. You can sort how far ahead you view your shifts (today, 3 days, 7 days, or 30 days) with our drop-down feature.

“Shift Alerts” display shifts that you have offered to your colleagues and/or those that your colleagues have offered you. By accepting a shift the shift schedule will update itself in real-time. The shift alerts table displays the date, time and duration, location, and other relevant details of the shift.

Shift Central

The Shift Central feature in Chyma displays any shifts that have been listed as “open” and available to all staff. When a user accepts and available shift from within this module, all affected schedules and calendar modules will be automatically updated. Users can view all communities that they belong to in one view, or drill down to specific communities. Shifts as far as 30 days away can be seen, traded, or claimed.


The OnNow feature displays a list of who is on duty or on call at any given “now”, as well as how to best reach these individuals in each hospital department or clinic running the Chyma scheduling system. The OnNow module boasts a “Favorites” feature which allows users to manage individuals and groups for quick access.

Contact Management

Always have the correct contact information for your staff, including physicians and technicians. Chyma ensures that updated contact information is there when you need it. The contact management module is centralized and always secure.