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When organizations create a schedule, the scheduling office is bombarded with phone calls and emails requesting changes. As a result, they are required to spend countless hours finding replacements, modifying the schedule, and informing others of the changes. Chyma exists to eliminate all of those problems. Everyone benefits when using the OnTime! Scheduling Software here’s why:

Chyma OnTime! Scheduling is easy-to-use scheduling software that allows you to generate accurate schedules with very little time spent by using rules and alerts to help you find the best resources.

The Chyma software allows you to communicate the same information to everyone in real-time and prevents expensive no-shows. Administrators can change the schedules easily and share the task with users by letting them manage their own trades and specific last minute changes that guarantee compliance.

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Avoid Mistakes, Save Time

You will have more time; shift trading allows users who need a shift changed or would simply like a day off, to trade shifts or give away shifts with members of the same community in real-time. Chyma sends out notifications and confirmations so there are no mistakes.

Organizing your events can be tedious and not as organized as you would like it to be. Chyma’s unique calendaring system integrates community events, personal events and schedules created into one calendar that you can synchronize with your hand held device or Outlook. Chyma organizes your events for you in categories chosen by you.

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